Paper Mill Pharmacy & Gift Shop

Paper Mill Pharmacy & Gift Shop is your home town drugstore serving the community of Phoenix, Maryland and surrounding areas. Whether you’re coming in to get a prescription filled, or to browse our gift shop, we offer personal attention to every customer.

Paper Mill Pharmacy & Gift Shop has been a full service drugstore (and compounding drugstore) since 1999. We are family owned and operated, with owner and pharmacist Dave Perrott offering the personalized attention you and your family deserve.

What is a Compounding Drugstore? A compounding drugstore, such as Papermill, is a drugstore that is capable of creating personalized medications for patients. Compounded medications are based on a medical practitioner’s prescription and individual ingredients are mixed together in the exact strength and dosage form the patient requires.

If you’re relatively healthy (knock on wood), choosing a pharmacy may be a matter of convenience. What’s closest to your home or work, for instance. But if you’re a senior taking multiple medications, or have a chronic illness, it pays to choose a pharmacy where you can get to know the pharmacist, and they can get to know you.

We offer the same products and prescriptions that you’ll find at a large chain drugstore, at an affordable price. You’ll pay the same price for prescriptions with a prescription card as at any other drugstore. For your convenience, we bill Medicare and other third party insurers directly. At Paper Mill, we don’t cost more, we just care more.

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