What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

November 4, 2015

What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

Phoenix MD Compounding Pharmacy

A compounding pharmacy, such as Papermill Pharmacy, is a pharmacy that is capable of creating personalized medications for patients. Compounded medications are based on a medical practitioner’s prescription and individual ingredients are mixed together in the exact strength and dosage form the patient requires.

At one time, nearly all prescriptions were compounded. But with the growth of pharmaceutical companies and the mass production of medications in the 1950s and 60s, fewer and fewer pharmacies practiced compounding. Most chain drugstores and supermarket pharmacies are strictly dispensers of manufactured dosage forms.

At Papermill Pharmacy, our accredited and trained compounding pharmacists work with you to develop medications tailored especially for you. With the prescriber’s permission, we can custom-prepare medications to address a number of issues, including:

  • Adjusting the strength of a medication.
  • Avoiding unwanted ingredients, such as dyes, preservative, lactose, gluten, or sugar.
  • Adding flavor to make the medication more palatable.
  • Preparing medications using unique delivery systems. For patients who find it difficult to swallow a capsule, our compounding pharmacist may prepare the drug as a flavored liquid suspension instead. Other medication forms include topical gels or creams that can be absorbed through the skin, suppositories, sublingual troches, or even lollipops.

Talk to your doctor about whether a compounded medication is right for you

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