Pharmacy Products

Pharmacy Products

In addition to filling new prescriptions and taking care of prescription refills, Paper Mill Pharmacy offers a full range of over-the-counter healthcare products for infants, children and adults. If you’re not sure which product you need, consult with our pharmacist for recommendations.

Cough and Cold

We stock several brands of cough and cold medicine to help you deal with your cold symptoms. The common cold doesn’t have to leave you feeling miserable.

Digestive Health

Maintaining good digestive health helps you feel better overall. We stock probiotics, fiber, laxatives, antacids, heartburn medicine, nausea medication, anti-diarrhea medicine and more.


Check out our inventory of vitamins and supplements. Whether you need a specific vitamin or multivitamins, we’ve got you covered.

Homeopathic Items

If you prefer healing and treating illness the natural way, we can help. We carry a number of products used in homeopathic medicine.

Protein Supplements

Protein supplements are useful in protein shakes, whether you’re on a diet, workout regimen or just need to add protein to your diet.

First Aid

From complete first aid kits to bandages or hemorrhoid treatment products, we have just what you need.

Call 410-667-4600 or stop by today for all of your healthcare needs. Our pharmacist and staff will be happy to help you choose the healthcare products that are best suited to your symptoms and needs.

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